This poster titled Derwentia perfoliata is a part of Natural Recall, an international project and exhibition in Venice, Italy. (

Derwentia perfoliata is a component of Plant Memory 2: Fleeting Permanence, a project that explores how plants resemble people who reside in multiple locations. Also known as "Digger's Speedwell," the plant is native to Southeast Australia, yet it resides in Los Angeles, and many other locations with a similar climate and environment. I was drawn by its familiarity as it looks much like the well-known Eucalyptus, but captivated by the multiplicity of its existence—like many plants, its ability to exist in a number of locations. It reminds me of the temporary homes I have in northern California and southern California, how I exist in both places.

Still in its early stages, Plant Memory 2 is a revisitation of Plant Memory, a project in which I explored the memories rooted in three plants I own through photography, illustration, and automatic writing. Through these methods of storytelling, I told my relationship with these plants, the people and places associated with these plants, and ultimately, my own personal story.

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